Live music and festivals for London’s long weekend

While many people prefer to escape the city for the first long weekend of the season, London has much to offer for those who choose to stay.

High energy brass band Big Smoke Brass returns to Forrest City on Saturday for another edition of the Sunfest Block Party.

“It’s beautiful, we had a similar experience last year,” said Big Smoke brass trumpet player Matt Smith. “Awesome crowd. We’re lucky with the beautiful weather. They treated us so well here. Beautiful place to play. Awesome people listening, and yeah, you couldn’t ask for more.”

Big Smoke Brass plays at Block Party in London, Ontario. on Saturday, May 20, 2023. (Brian Bicknell/CTV News London)

Block Party is the prelude to Sunfest, one of London’s major summer festivals.

Co-artistic director Alfredo Caixaz said it’s nice to see people having a good time.

“It’s almost like a warm-up for the festival,” he explained. “Free and accessible to all so the whole community can enjoy. And really, come downtown and enjoy this beautiful place.”

They said they are hoping to build excitement for the main event at Victoria Park on July 6-9.

Poutine Fest in London, Ont. on Saturday, May 20, 2023. (Brian Bicknell/CTV News London)

A couple enjoying the music said they were from the town of Sparta in Elgin County. “We came to Victoria Park to go to Poutinefest,” he said. “We went there and we came to Covent Garden Market. It’s fantastic, really nice. If it was a little warmer it would have been even better.

Meanwhile, the poutine feast in Victoria Park also attracted hungry crowds.

People queued up for the 50 flavors of goodness on offer. London Poutine Feast 2023 ends Sunday at 6pm

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