Livia Brito revives the visible thong fashion and is showered with compliments

livia brito In the past few hours became the topic of conversation on social networks because she made a publication with which she showed why she is considered one of the most attractive and stylish women in all of show business in Mexico, as it turns out The talented Cuban actress revived the fashion for wearing a visible thong, However, she put her stamp on the 2000s trend, and as expected, the soap opera star He also received dozens of accolades from his fans and even other show business personalities.

It was through his official Instagram profile where livia brito disseminated the publication in question, which had a dual intention, because apart from being able to Delight the disciples of over 7.7 million followers He was also able to fulfill his professional commitments on the said platform with a sportswear brand with whom he constantly works.

for these postcards livia brito To give the photos an urban atmosphere took a photo session from the roof of a building, moreover, the talented and lovely Cuban actress She struck a variety of poses so that her beauty could be appreciated from every possible angle For which it caused more than one sigh among his fans.

with which to dress impressively livia brito Gorgeous style, worn by the protagonists of melodramas such as “La Desalmada” and “Mujer de Nadi”. a tight neon pink crop top Made from Lycra fabric, it was also carrying little baggy black pants and closing with a flourish Livia Brito revives the iconic 2000s fashion of wearing a visible thongWhich, in this case, was the same color as her crop top and only had a thin strap that blew the imagination of her fans, who also went crazy for the gestures that Cuban made for the cameras, which turned out to be Some alluring

Published as expected. livia brito Famous camera application and it had a great impact among thousands of users Within a few hours, his post managed to collect close to 120,000 likes. Furthermore, the comment box was flooded with hundreds of compliments from her fans and even other celebrities belonging to the artistic environment, who apart from recognizing the actress for her beauty, also highlighted her evolved fashion sense.

“Beautiful as ever”, “You are a true bombón”, “The most beautiful”, “You are perfection”, “What a style!”, “Chulada de mujer”, “A true dream”, “A real queen” , “goddess” and “above all” There were some accolades received by Livia Brito, who is about to return to the soap opera with the new production”Minas de pasion”, headed by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo.

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