Love Island fans left stunned after Tanya calls Sheikh her boyfriend

Love Island fans were left stunned on Friday night after Tanya referred to Shaq as her boyfriend.

This comes after he persuades the airport security guard to apologize to Tom for his antics after game day.

It all started on the Wednesday night after the annual Sports Day contest, when Shaq and Will “childishly” lashed out at Tom for their team’s loss.

Tensions rise as the islanders relax after an eventful day, but Shaq doesn’t let Tom stop after his team is defeated in a children’s game.

Shaq mocks Tom: ‘You’re a grown up, chin up. You go again, back on the training pitch we go again. Ok. it’s just a game. There are only winners and losers, aren’t there?

Friend? Love Island fans were left stunned on Friday night after Tanya referred to Shaq as her boyfriend

But Tanya seemed less impressed by his antics as she told Shaq, ‘go away and you’re done’.

Shaq couldn’t contain himself and kept digging at Tom, adding: ‘I say we go over there and let Sammy hug Tom to calm him down. you lost the game. It’s a joke brother. it’s a joke.’

Finally Tom lost his temper and shouted: ‘Shh I’m telling you it’s not funny but why do you get at me all the time. It wasn’t funny the first time. Just stop the f*** bro and leave. I understand, go now.’

Tanya then insisted that the Sheikh apologize to Tom – to which he obliged.

Coming back after their conversation, Tanya exclaims, ‘I have the best boyfriend ever!’

But fans were left extremely confused as they took to Twitter as soon as the episode aired.

A fan said, ‘Did I miss any episode? Since when are Shak and Tanya boyfriend and girlfriend?

‘Did Tanya say boyfriend and girlfriend?’ Said another.

Apology: This comes after he convinces the airport security guard to apologize to Tom for his antics after game day

A third questioned: ‘Did they cut the scene where Shaq and Tanya become boyfriend and girlfriend or is there some reason I’m confused?’

Meanwhile, other fans shared their opinion that they didn’t get the apology.

One fan wrote: ‘Tanya is basically apologizing to Shaq and he is walking up to Tom saying sorry and then turning to him gives me a mother with a child in a playground watching them apologize asking for;’

Added a second: ‘Shaq’s fake apology, he’s fuming’.

This comes after viewers agreed with Tom after game day and quickly took to Twitter to chastise Shaq for acting like a ‘baby’ and that Shaq would be ‘fuming’ if it were the other way around.

One wrote: ‘Yeah, jokes are made after wins etc but Will and Shaq figured Tom was too far away minding his business and there they were crowding around and yelling at him, Surely Tom would be annoyed that anyone would.’

Another said: ‘Shaq is childish. what a joke! Congratulations on keeping your cool Tom.

A third wrote: ‘Nah I’m with Tom on this one. I’m all up for pranks with friends but it just gets annoying when they keep going on and on when it’s not funny. Shaq and Will are acting like kids’.

A fourth added: ‘Nah Shaq needs to come down. I didn’t think Tom could have been more red’.

“If I were Tom I would slap Will and Shaq, so far they are annoying fgs,” added another.

Sixth angst: ‘Shaq’s audacity to tell Tom to “stop acting like a kid” hmmmmm ok dude’.

‘Shaq insulted Tom saying he’s a grown man and shouldn’t be so salty about a game, yet he’s acting like a kid and cheering someone on,’ said another Said.

However, the others gave a petty banter to ‘provoke’ Shaq and then left ‘jealousy’ and Tanya ended up in the bottom 4 for least company.

One viewer said: ‘I think Shaq might be a little upset because he was in the bottom three…he seems very bitter. Who is the real loser Shaq? tom or you Hmm’.

A second take: ‘Shaq is getting sour because he knows he was in the bottom 4 and Tom and Sammy were in the top! Shaq is jealous and a narcissist! Send them both out’.

‘Tom, remind Shaq that you may not have won Sports Day, but you weren’t in the bottom 4…’ added another.

A fourth said: ‘Shaq is saying Tom is a kid when he’s acting it. If someone did this to Shaq, Shaq would be angry.

It comes after Olivia and Maxwell received news that they had been thrown from the villa on Wednesday night

In a never-before-seen plot twist, the couple were then informed that they would choose who would follow them out the door.

The pair then had to choose between Claudia and Keenan, Rosie and Casey and Tanya and Shaq – who received the fewest votes from the public.

Eventually the pair decide to send Claudia and Keenan home.

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