Lucero and Mirage: It was the most painful divorce in all of show business

During the past days the topic of conversation in social networks has revolved around separation of Andrea Legaretta and Eric Rubin, who remained as one of the most popular and loved couples in show business for more than two decades, however, this is not the first time that a break has crippled the entire entertainment industry and that is why we take this opportunity to will remember How Lucero and Manuel Mijares’ painful divorce went.

romance of “America’s Bride” and “The Soldier of Love” began to take shape in the mid-1990s, when both were already two of the most well-known personalities in their respective fields and due to their courtship turned out to be extremely mediocreFurthermore, the two were very open about showing what was happening inside their relationship so that the public could experience the whole romance up close.

Lucero and Mijares’ romance began in the mid-1990s. Photo: Exclusive

Lucero and Mijares Their courtship lasted just over a year and it was in 1997 when they decided to get married and their marriage was something that had never been seen before religious ceremony broadcastSo everything was like a real fairy tale or happy ending like an epic soap opera.

The Mijares Hogza family grew four years later when they welcomed their son Jose Manuel, who has decided to stay away from the limelight and it was in 2005 when her youngest daughter was born luceritoWho decided to follow in the footsteps of their famous parents in music and acting.

The wedding of Lucero and Mijares was televised. Photo: Exclusive

marriage of Lucero and Mijares Been stable for over a decade and everything seems to be love around the familyIt was in 2010 when things started to go wrong Well, there were various rumors that assured that the media couple was going through a strong crisis, but both denied the situation, however, this did not stop the rumors, which turned out to be true and He himself confirmed his breakup.

It was March 4, 2011 when Lucero and Mijares confirmed that they were getting a divorce and to that effect they issued a statement in which, as Andrea Legaretta and Eric RubinHe assured that they had decided to separate several months ago, however, in his case he indicated They had decided to do it in such a way that their children would not be affected by the announcement.

Lucero and Mijares’ marriage ended after 14 years. Photo: Exclusive

those days, Ex-partner reveals there was no shady reason behind their breakup And that they were even ready to be friends for the sake of their children, as they have done so far and that they only asked for respect for their decision, for which they did not give much details about it and for this many years Got engaged. be aware that The real reason for their breakup was the heavy workload of both of them, Which was the key to extinguish the flame of love, so they decided to continue their relationship as friends.

as expected, News of Lucero and Mijares’ divorce rocks the entertainment industry And for months their separation was one of the main topics of conversation.

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