Luis Miguel announced that his Twitter had been hacked; There will be no free tickets for his concert

luis miguel assured that his Twitter account was hacked, this was done after the announcement on his profile free ticket For their next concert tour, the date or city of which is not yet known.

It read, “Like this tweet if you want free tickets to my next show.” a message through that platform. He was immediately inundated with reactions from fans wanting tickets to the performance.

Furthermore, in the singer’s profile, different messages were seen where he gave good night fans on Twitter, which got fans excited ‘Sunday’ It is usually not close to the public.

Luis Miguel announces his concert tour Social Networks, as predicted by various businessmen; However, he did not reveal dates, locations, ticket prices, or the cities he would visit in Mexico.

announcement of free ticket It was implied on his Twitter account that there would be news about productions coming soon, but it was all a lie.

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interpreter via instagram ‘The Girl in the Blue Bikini’ He informed that his account on the said platform was hacked and his team is working to recover it.

“The Twitter account has been hacked. Resolution is in process,” he said.

fans were disappointed luis miguel didn’t actually advertise that there would be free tickets, but in the ad post they already told you to offer More information about the concert.

who was bothered by the hack alejandro basteriThe brother of “El Sol”, who took the identity of such an important person as an insult.

“What a lack of integrity and a way to not respect and I reject a thousand people who just fucking usurped someone’s identity,” he said.


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