Luis Miguel confirms he was hacked and his brother fumes

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The messages that sowed doubt among fans

At dawn on 25 February, Luis Miguel greeted his audience, something he had not done for four years.

“Good Night, I Love You All”Interpreter D’s first tweet wasand unconditional,

The following message was one that read Mikey’s account may have been hacked, asking his fans to respond to the tweet for a chance to win free tickets to his next show.

“Like this tweet if you want free tickets to my next show”, Expressed the liar Luis Miguel. That post had more than 200,000 “likes” and more than 8,000 retweets within hours.


The comments immediately exploded: “Is your account hacked?”“They hacked Luis Miguel”, “I think they hacked our sun account”, “Well done hacked”, “Hacked awesome they hit him hahahahaha”, “someone stole your accountI already noticed something strange when he said I love you all”, “Ok, I guess they already hacked him, but whatever the reason, I already gave him my sultan Gave”.

To end their conversation in the network, Luis Miguel wrote: “Ok good night world”, and closed the message with a heart emoji. Till today when what seemed like a joke became true.

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