Luisa W Boasts About The Role Pipe Bueno Played With Her

made of pair pipe good And Luisa Fernanda W. Without a doubt one of the most talked about and stable in show business, so much so that today she already has a beautiful home with her two sons, Maximo and Domenic, with whom they have become a family benchmark for their millions of fans. Are. , friends and colleagues.

It is for this reason that they constantly become a trend for conversations made through their official profiles, where alone, as a couple or as a family, they steal the admiration of their fans, who Everyday want to know more about your day. Today.

Luisa Fernanda W Boasts About the New Role Pipe Bueno Will Play in Her Life

Despite the good times they’ve already had together, the couple continues to win over and surprise networks and the media with renewed vigor, with the complexity they juggle in many aspects such as family, business, music and now, even training. I show

This was explored in her most recent conversation on Instagram Stories, where Luisa herself was so proud and in love that the popular music diva was now her new personal trainer and was sharing the routine that had her sweating it out to burn fat. wanted to end His body

Luisa W talks about Pipe Bueno’s support in her training

,I’m going to show you who my coach is today, he’s a very tough coach, come on… Today this is my coach, he’s the one who gave me all the routines. love you butt “on fire” and good thing i’m already holding on like strength again because a few days back i was so weak but here i go”expressed Luisa, while she showed evidence of her training.

It took only a few minutes for their casual clip to become a trend, not only because of the role that Pipe Bueno played in helping them achieve their material goals, but also because of the love and support that they shared between them almost Available for all aspects. This. Status for which many took the opportunity to praise him.

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