Madonna Admits She’s ‘Struggling’ with Motherhood: ‘It Is Exhausting’


Parenting is not always simple. When speaking about the difficulties she has had as a mother, Madonna is not holding back.

In a recent cover story for the “Icon Issue” of Vanity Fair, which was published in Europe, the legendary singer was frank about parenting.

It “has been the most difficult, the hardest battle,” Madonna said while talking about her experiences parenting kids.

The Rebel Heart musician admitted, “I am still finding it difficult to comprehend how to balance being a mother with my career now. Because having children and raising them is an artistic endeavour, whatever you are.

Madonna is the mother of six kids, including her adopted twins Estere and Stella, age 10, and her 26-year-old daughter Lourdes, whom she shares with her ex-boyfriend Carlos Leon. She also has a 22-year-old son named Rocco and a 17-year-old son named David.

Nobody hands you a manual, You must grow from your mistakes. It’s a job that takes a lot of time, according to Madonna. “There is never a break, which is taxing.”

Growing up with a mother like me is a challenge, Madonna acknowledged, noting that there are other problems as well.

She took great pleasure in the fact that her children had been content to use their imagination to make their own paths without her pushing them in a particular direction.

“I have never pushed my daughter or my son Rocco to pursue artistic endeavours. But I’ve always introduced kids to music and art, and I’m glad they’ve discovered methods to express themselves, she said.

She said that her children had offered her “much of my happiness” in her life, saying “I have respect and admiration for them and for what they do.”

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