Man blackouts in his room with photo of Diomedes Diaz

Diomedes Diaz in Blackouts
Diomedes Diaz in Blackouts.

Diomedes Diaz is now also occupying places of decoration in the Caribbean region, especially in Santa Marta, where a man He put a roll-up blackout in the window of his room in honor of the Cacique de la Junta.,

What is blackout? It is a modern curtain style that separates outside light from rooms or closed spaces, sometimes with thermal functions.

Diomedes Diaz in Blackouts
Diomedes Diaz in Blackouts.

diomedes diaz in home decor

The late Vallenato singer Diomedes Díaz is present in the lives of his followers. To commemorate the legend, many of them come with posters, covers, T-shirts, among other things.

The company Atmosfera Décoraciones, based in Santa Marta dedicated to curtains and blinds of all kinds, was called when a customer asked him if he wanted a blackout with the image of Diomedes Díaz.

At first it was a big challenge as it was the first time they had asked for this type of blackout.

  • Client: I want to put Diomedes in my blackout.
  • WE: (They show Diomedes Blackout installed).

The video shared on social networks went viral, especially because it was such a simple idea that many had not even thought of.

Now not only will Diomedes Díaz be a part of home blackouts, but so will other singers, football teams, motivational phrases, Bible verses and other relevant images.

The company Atmosfera Decoraciones has received several requests to send Blackout to other parts of the country.

He has a WhatsApp number to communicate with him in his social network.

How much does a custom blackout cost? The manufacturer indicates that its average price is $360,000 pesos, however, the price depends on the size of the window or the final measurement you require.

Diomedes Díaz continues to generate profit for third parties. His image was immortalized in Vallenato folklore.

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🪗 A young foreigner interprets ‘My First Gray Hair’ by Diomedes Diaz in Tanganga.

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