Manel Fuentes reveals a secret of Josie’s mimicry that was not seen on television

what has been done josie in this eighth festival of ‘Your face is familiar to me’ written in letters of gold History of this programme. His west indian villain imitation has become one of best performance of this tenth edition.

but regardless of whether it’s the best or not, it’s been most difficult To get. and Manel Fuentes shared after a small ovation towards Josie from the public, the jury, and the contestants, a small Secret Which has not been seen on television, and magnifies what the contestant has done on stage.

It turns out that competitors always have a reference screen with letter Of the song But josieIn this issue as Villano Antillano, i had no such help, Manel’s comment has revealed another standing ovation For the contestant, who faced the lyrics of the song “the longest, most complex and with the most distinct rhythm that has existed in the eleven years of ‘Tu Kara Mein Suna'”.

Manel He ended his speech by admitting that if he could vote, he would 12 pure gold coins, And that’s not the least, the public and the jury have agreed with the presenter, crowning Josie as the winner of the gala. Relive the moment in video!

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