Manga UP! Global Release Blast of Tempest manga

Fantasy mystery manga inspired TV anime in 2012

Manga UP! global started issuing why shirodaira And ren saizaki‘S storm blast ,zetsuen no tempest) Sunday manga in English.

Image courtesy of Manga UP! global

Manga UP! global Describes the series:

One day, a princess was washed up on an island in a barrel. One day, a young girl is unexpectedly murdered, the culprit as yet unknown. Thus, one day, a battle wrapped in revenge and magic was unleashed that transcends time and space.

Shirodaira (in/specter, Horoscope) and Saizaki debuted in the manga square Enix‘S Monthly Shōnen Gangan magazine in 2009, and ended it in 2013. square Enix Published 10 anthology book volumes for the manga. The fantasy mystery manga inspired a television anime series in 2012.

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