Mapolo 3’s PPPPPPP manga ends in Shonen Jump

Manga launches in September 2020

© Mapolo 3, Shueisha

13th issue of this year Shueisha‘S weekly shonen jump Magazine published final chapter on Monday measure 3‘S pppppp Manga.

measure 3 The manga launches in September 2020. Shueisha Published the sixth volume on 4 January. The seventh volume of the manga will be shipped in April, and the eighth and final volume will be shipped in May.

Both i.e. media And manga plus The services are digitally publishing manga in English.

manga plus Describes the manga:

Kuon Otogami was a brilliant pianist whose name is one of the greatest in the history of world music. They had seven children who all became genius pianists. All seven except one named Lucky. This is a miraculous story of a regular kid adopting a godly genius!

i.e. media is also publishing the manga in digitally collected book form.

measure 3“Hoshi no Alien ni Doryokusho” (Consolation Prize for Star’s Alien) won the one-shot manga Shonen Jump“Jump Shinsekai Mangsho” award in January 2020. measure 3 At that time he was 23 years old.

Source: weekly shonen jump issue 13

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