Marbel reveals what her last drug addiction was like and there’s a man involved

Emotions run more and more tense in each episode of ‘La Descarga’, as the secrets of not only the participants are revealed, but those of the gamblers themselves. had the opportunity to Marbel, who ends by saying when was the last time she drank and felt like a man.

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Taking into account that they are already in the final round of ‘La Descarga’, each jury has decided to spend a night with the participants of their other colleagues in order to get to know each other better.

Gussie gets the opportunity to spend the night and even Maia ends up scolding the pop singer contestants, for he assured that he could not pass a single night without a fight, in view of the great fight that had taken place between Brenner and Biordy.

With whom did Marbel last drink?

However, when it came Marbelle, things get a lot more interesting, as they decide to play a card game in which they are asked risky questions.,

In them, Marbel had to reveal when she got drunk the previous night, to which she replied:

“We were with some friends at the fireplace singing, an interesting combo, I’m not going to name names, but I got on pretty well, as far as I’m going to say”

obviouslyThe mouths of all the participants were dropped, because from the face of the singer it seemed that she did not stay only in the night of alcohol.

stay of Marbel was funny, because she started playing pranks on the boys I left them salt-laced red wine while they were sleeping and to finish the next day.

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The conclusion of some is that the singer is certainly tremendous and the truth is that she has no filter nor is she ashamed to show herself on national television.

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