Margot Robbie’s future in the DCU, what are James Gunn’s plans?

Australian actress margot robbie (Suicide Squad, Babylon, The Wolf of Wall Street, Barbie…) will not be present in any production that DC’s James Gunn Preparations have been made for 2023. In fact, after putting herself in Harley Quinn’s skin twice, there won’t be a third one for the time being, as the versatile singer Lady Gaga will be doing so in Joker 2.

For this reason, many fans were surprised to see Gunn’s forceful statement after a follower asked him a question on Twitter that many of us wonder about: Will Robbie stick with the DCU? The American filmmakers could not have been more clear and concise: “Sure“, she replied. If it gets picked up, it doesn’t seem like the actress didn’t like the idea, because we shouldn’t forget that recently, in a conversation with the comicbook medium, she wanted to highlight the good work she’s doing. Thi, which Gunn is doing at the helm of DC.

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After the recently released Shazaan! Fury of the Gods, the DC Universe 2023 calendar still has a lot of joy to give us over the next few months. The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom or The Peacemaker Season 2 are some of the most anticipated productions, but there are many more to list that you shouldn’t overlook. You can know all the details in this link.

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The list is endless and it is logical that anyone who wants to delve into the DC Universe would be overwhelmed There are dozens of movies and series Dedicated to its cast of superheroes and villains. If this is your case, do not hesitate to consult this article, in which we review the full DCU and tell you what it is ideal order To enjoy all his works.

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