Mario Vargas Llosa and Patricia Llosa reunite at their granddaughter’s wedding in Lima: “They love to spend time together as a family” | People

Mario Vargas Losa (Arequipa, Peru, 86 years old) and Patricia Losa (Cochabamba, Bolivia, 78 years old) are reunited. This time, the Spanish-Peruvian author and his ex-wife have met in Lima to celebrate the wedding of their granddaughter, Josefina Vargas Llosa, with Mexican engineer Emiliano Camarena. As explained by EL PAÍS, the Nobel laureate for literature, the family environment and his cousins ​​”have a very good relationship and it is clear that they like to spend time together as a family.” Other sources clarify that for now, this does not mean that they have resumed cohabitation. In fact, Vargas Llosa is not staying at his ex-wife’s apartment in the bohemian and intellectual Lima neighborhood of Barranco, but at a hotel very close there.

Vargas Llosa landed in the Peruvian capital on Thursday and had lunch with his ex-wife and their three children, Álvaro, Morgan and Gonzalo. At night, the family attended a cocktail party at the Huaca Puclana restaurant in the Miraflores neighborhood, where Josefina Vargas Llosa, one of Gonzalo Vargas’ two daughters, and Josefina Said of Chile, and her fiancee, launched three days of festivities.

like the link of the granddaughter of the author of the books goat party And the city and the dog This is one of the social events of the season in Lima. More than 300 guests from around the world are in town for the festivities. Three days of events that began on Thursday and continue this Friday with a country lunch at the Criadero Cuarto Creciente ranch in the Cieneguilla district. The religious ceremony will take place on Saturday at the Basilica and Convent of San Pedro de Lima, one of the capital’s most important religious complexes. That same night there will be a lavish gala dinner at the Lima Art Museum, a neo-Renaissance palace that showcases 3,000 years of Peruvian art.

The official engagement of Josefina Vargas Llosa is set for March 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico, the hometown of Emiliano Camarena. Vargas Llosa’s granddaughter attended the renowned Swiss boarding school Le Rosey, studied political science at New York University, and earned a master’s degree in global thought at Columbia University. In recent years he has lived in New York, where he has worked as a strategic analyst at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), following in the footsteps of his father, who is the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). … before the European Union. After marriage, the girl will go to Mexico with her husband.

The meeting of Mario Vargas Llosa and Patricia Llosa in Lima comes almost a month after their first meeting in Paris. They separated in 2015, when the writer’s relationship with Isabel Preysler became public. A year later they signed a divorce, marking 50 years of marriage. They resumed contact in September last year after a separation of nearly eight years. Shortly afterwards, Nobel and the so-called “Queen of Hearts” broke up. According to Vargas Llosa’s environment, this has made it easier for Mario and Patricia to resume behavior and communication with normality and daily life. “Until a few months ago, he saw his children and his grandchildren separately. Now the situation has changed and they can do things together like go out to eat in Madrid, attend a French Academy event or go to their granddaughter’s wedding.” “That is, they can share and enjoy family gatherings together. Can And that’s very important to both of us.”

Vargas Llosa said a few weeks ago, “I don’t regret it at all.” weekly country in reference to his media courtship with Presler. “The experience was lived and that’s it, I’m back in my house, surrounded by my books,” he concluded. Now, his own addition: “And surrounded by his family.”

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