Martha Higareda mocks his memes and his “evidence”

Aleto new queen of memes Her vassals admire her and she now answers them with the wisdom and conviction that a leader needs to guide her people. Thanks to the epic adventure experienced by Martha HigaredaHis legend has now spread to the ends of the internet, so his followers and legions now number in the millions.

Finally, the Mexican actress reveals what it is What do you feel and think about being the object of memes And scoff at those who still refuse to believe the truth of his exploits,

Martha Higareda Responds to Meme Boom

it was during a stormy night May 19 that Martha decided to express her feelings in front of hundreds of memes pay tribute to them and their stories It gives flight to the wildest fantasies of a Mexican actress.

Higareda confesses that he has taken these memes as a ‘movie’ for the time being just a joke and he’s dedicated collect and share, He has given this information on his Twitter account, from where to interact with his people And reply and directly share some of the memes that promote it.

Here were some of the memes created by Martha’s fans:

#if I told you

The actress responded to several tweets mocking her: “Does Martha know what happened to Luis Miguel’s mother?” He replied: “If I had told you, you would not have believed me”.

Alv Wing is crying

Here they flipped a meme, mocked it, and added very relevant data to Grandpa’s story

and evidence,

In another post, a user shared evidence supporting the veracity of Rani’s stories. The user didn’t use Photoshop or anything, which Martha happily replied to.

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