Marvel and DC Superheroes If They Were Like Brendan Fraser in ‘The Whale’

Superman, Batman and other superheroes from Marvel and DC put on weight rapidly like Brendan Fraser in ‘The Whale’ so images are hitting social networks amid photophobia speeches.

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superhero images Marvel and DC Made by Instagram user @mrmattyblades in plus size to see the featured characters big ship, thor, Superman and other overweight heroes like Brendan Fraser whale, Is there a message hidden between the images? probably not, but what worries activists is that they see large bodies, Criticism and non-acceptance through the so-called fatophobia.

A topic that has been discussed in the media and social networks in recent weeks is fatphobia, It is based on the observations made by the communicator Patty Chapoy to singer Yuridia about your body, In addition, the topic flared up even more with the intervention of Adrián Marcello in the Carla Panini program, as the influencer clearly said “no to fat people”.

This time, we bring you the following superheroes in plus size, but we didn’t want to give up on all the ridiculous behaviors, speeches, and actions that were stereotypes, Evaluating and rejecting everything outside the established parameters in the context of violence that hinders and violates people’s rights Because of his obesity.

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