Matt Healy on sneak peek video at Taylor Swift’s NYC townhouse!

Matt Healy

broke into Taylor Swift’s building…

Overnight Carry Bag, Video Show

Matt Healy learning… while you’re Taylor SwiftK boyfriend, it is almost impossible to avoid the limelight.

The 1975 frontman found that out recently… as he was caught on video speeding up a flight of stairs in Taylor’s Manhattan townhouse, his overnight bag in hand.

When Matt went to the entrance, a man – possibly a security guard – opened the front door. Matt sneaks in as the guard closes the door and follows, through the lobby.

The video started circulating on social media on Friday, but it was reportedly shot by a mysterious shutterbug on Thursday night. It’s clear that Matt was trying to become invisible as soon as he entered Taylor’s building, but obviously it didn’t work.

It’s safe to say, though, Matt probably wasn’t sweatin’ it given the fact that he’s dating the biggest pop star in the world. This kind of thing just goes with the territory.

As we mentioned, Matt and Taylor became an object after taylor called Resignation in April with her longtime boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn. Since then, the two have been almost inseparable with Matt with taylor on her Eras Tour to cheer her on during her performances.

— Jenny Lowe (@JLowebro) May 14, 2023

Matt did too spent some time with Taylor’s father, Scott Swift, at one of her recent concerts in Philadelphia. the couple has also been on a double date with friends and Recording together in the music studio.

What’s next for these two lovebirds? stay tuned.

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