‘May December’ is about ‘human transgression’ – Deadline

may decemberThe Todd Haynes film that received an eight-minute standing ovation late Saturday evening at Cannes is a film about crime, star Julianne Moore told the press Sunday.

Asked to explain the title, Haynes said it referred to an English expression for “age-gap relationship”. He paused before quipping, “In France, they call it a macron.”

Haynes’ latest stars Moore (in her fourth collaboration with the director), Natalie Portman and Charlie Melton, and tells the story of Elizabeth (Portman), an actress who sets out to study the life of a real-life woman, Gracie (played by travels to Maine for Moore) he’s set to play in a movie.

The Haynes-esque complexity comes with the reason for Gracie’s notoriety being the fact that she had previously been jailed for a relationship with an underage accomplice, Joe, played by Melton – a crime that Moore reflected on. Was:

“My character is one who transgresses, and how do we address that? When is age inappropriate? When people are in different places developmentally. It’s not appropriate and why do we put boundaries around it? .

“In this movie, you see Gracie’s crimes as well as everyone else’s crimes. This movie feels so dangerous because you don’t know where one’s limits are—it’s scary. Todd captures it so beautifully. Have done

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Haynes added: “There are problematic aspects of how this relationship started, which works toward a conflict in the end. And yet it’s compounded by the fact that the relationship remained. Yes, there is an age disparity, There are human crimes, but they are opportunities for us to look at ourselves and the culture we live in. For some of my films, this has been a recurring theme.

It was Portman who initially sent the Sammy Burch script to Haynes in 2020. She told the press: “Toad’s vision of the dark side under this American idol that he’s explored before, he has the ability to create tension and drama with very subtle strokes.”

And Haynes recalled: “I was immediately fascinated, its restrained way of looking at this story. It created this anxiety and excitement – ​​who do you trust, who is viable? And he keeps peeling back the layers. .

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As with Haynes’ previous work, women are at the forefront of the film, and Portman took the opportunity to reflect on the different ways women are treated, “even here in Cannes … how we’re supposed to look, how we’re supposed to be”. From himself should be taken. Expectations are different from you all the time.

Moore supported this, saying: “Culture, gender, race dictate who we are…this idea about free will is not true. There are too many systems out there…women are not a minority group, we are the bulk of the population.” 50% are, so it’s important that we are treated as such.

With this Haynes hired Moore to star on screen for the fourth time, the two were asked about the strength of their collaboration. Mutually complimentary, Moore explained: “I think I understand Todd, I see his point of view. I feel very fortunate to have this creative partnership, it’s something you want as an actor.” As wished, it’s incredible and moving for me, I’m forever grateful.

In turn, Haynes said: “I learn things by watching Julie on every single film that we do together. She knows me and what I’m thinking about her, it’s a unique relationship to film, always.” Something happens that I can’t even determine in the shooting of the room that you see with her in the movie.

The film was shot in just 23 days. Moore described the cast as “burning it out” on an experience that Portman described as “fun, meaningful and edgy”.

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