Melendi is going to be a father for the fifth time: ‘I am going to give birth to the third Argentine daughter’

melandy is going to be a father again, And we haven’t particularly found out from a tender Instagram post or a glossy paper magazine. artist he wanted to tell his audience on stagein his last concerts in buenos aires, The reason for this unorthodox way of delivering news in this way? what was acting In the land where Julia Nakamatsu, his wife and mother of his last two daughters, was born (Now keeping in mind that he will have another sister in a few months). Hence this respect for the Argentine people, who have shown him so much affection in his career of more than twenty years.

Last week they told me I’m going to be a three-time champion too, I’m going to have my third Argentinian daughter

Between song and song, the feeling of being there in a moment as special as he is personally experiencing, he elaborated on it and shared with them this very important news found out a few days ago, “Last week they told me I’m also going to be a three-time champion, I’m going to have my third Argentinian daughter,” she declared excitedly, alluding to the country’s recent victory in the men’s soccer World Cup. Compare. Furthermore, by saying “daughter”, Ramon Melendi Espina (her real name) has already made public the sex of the child, which will be a girl.

when a child is born, estimated it will be or will be at the end of this year (it should be taken into account that the father has just learned that this will happen), Melendy will make her family even bigger with this will be their fifth daughter, Charlotte, who would by no means be of legal age, was born as a result of his relationship with Miriam Martínez de la Vega. then came 2011 frame, which he paired with Damaris Abad. Later, after meeting Julia Nakamatsu, his current partner, he came lola And april, the little people of the clan. In the video we present them all:

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With this very important step write Melendi and Julia A new chapter in their love story, That what started in 2014That’s when the singer had an absolute “crush” with this dancer, musician and actress of Japanese and Argentinian descent, who became his wife and mother of three of his five children. five years after falling in loveThe couple decided to formalize their relationship when both their daughters were still young walking down the aisle in a fabulous wedding That he celebrated at El Escorial in Madrid, to which he invited great friends from the music industry such as Vanessa Martin or David Bisbal.

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This thing of having more children was a taboo subject some time ago., In fact, in an interview a few months after Abril was born, she herself admitted that further expansion of the clan was a taboo subject in the household. “Family stability gives many positive things. You have touched on a delicate topic. I want to but that’s not enough for work“, They said.

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