Melendy, father for the fifth time

The singer of Paradise announced this at a concert in Argentina, from where his current partner

Melendi has shocked his Argentine public by revealing in the middle of a concert that he’s going to be a father re. The artist assured that “a week ago they informed me, I am going to have a third Argentine daughter”, to revolutionize the public by not expecting it at all.

singer she already has four kids: Carlota, the result of his relationship with Miriam Martínez de la Vega; Marco, who arrived in 2011 following his courtship with Damaris Abad; and his two young daughters, Lola and Abril, from his current relationship with Argentine Julia Nakamatsu. In this way, his next daughter will be the fifth of the singer.

The love story between Melendy and Julia dates back to their timeThe filming of the video clip for ‘The Promise’ took place in.., Theirs was love at first sight and in 2019 they did not hesitate to seal their love, with the most intimate celebration through the altar at El Escorial, surrounded by all their loved ones.

“Four is a good number” she confessed in ‘El Hormiguero’ two years ago when Pablo Motos talked to her about their children, but it seems that he feels great love for Julia and now they would be very happy With the arrival of this new baby future. With this confession, the artist once again made history in Argentina, pocketing the entire public, which of course has also reached Spain.

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