Melissa, from JNS, responds to the rumor about the separation of Erk Rubín Grupo Milenio

Separation of Eric Rubin and Andrea Legaretta, In addition to surprising the entertainment scene, it also “hid” other celebrities, for example: Apio Quijano, member of the Caba, and Melissa Lopez, from JNS.

Of these singers, it was rumored that they were involved in the breakup of former Timbiriche and morning show host Today.

In view of this, Eric blasted on his Instagram account against the people who linked him to Celery and Melissa spoke out about windowing,

In a brief interview for the TV Azteca entertainment program, the JNS member first showed his support for Eric Rubin and Andrea Legarreta: “Let them know that we are here for both of us and that they can count on us for whatever they need.

“They can speak, they can say, they can give an opinion, but only you and your partner know the truth; When things are not going well and the decision to separate is the best and that gives them peace, it is completely valid”, he reflected.

Regarding rumors of her involvement in the separation, she said:it’s too painful to be involved in something like that When there is only respect and affection from my side”.

“To start with, I have respect for myself, have respect for my partner, Joe Poncho has respect for Poncho’s family, for my family, for Eric, for Andrea, for the girls,” the singer insisted.

Similarly, he reiterated that “It’s not worth it and people don’t understand that many times what happens on stage is a staged show, it’s a number that follows. It’s acting, by God, for reals!

,So, it’s not worth it, it’s not fair and it hurts so muchAnd more so when you don’t do anything wrong,” concluded Melissa Lopez.

Eric Rubin flaunts alleged affair with Apio Quijano

Through his Instagram account, the former Timbiriche member put an end to rumors of his alleged relationship with Apio Quijano, with whom he collaborated on a 90s pop tour. It has become a trend after a video in which both the actors are singing very close on stage.

“Gentlemen, it’s a show, it’s something even Celeri herself has done with Benny: they come closer, they touch each other, they hug each other. It’s something that we do among ourselves as interpreters”

,very stupid people“, He added.


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