Michelle Pfeiffer survived a cult thanks to the revelation she experienced with a movie

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 6: Michelle Pfeiffer attends Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania at Regency Village Theater on February 6, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axel/Bauer-Griffin/Filmmagic)

Michelle Pfeiffer She is one actress who through her filmography has always impressed me with the image of a confident woman. I either Scarface, Frankie and Johnny, Dangerous Minds Or being the most unforgettable Catwoman in the Batman movies, she always impressed security with a remarkable and strong presence in front of the cameras. however, Not even all the confidence in the world saved her from falling victim to a cult that took advantage of her youthful vulnerability when she first landed in Hollywood.

Born in Santa Ana, California, on April 29, 1958, Michelle Marie Pfeiffer wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life at age 18. She was working as a cashier at a supermarket when a customer complained about some melons. In that strange and completely dreary moment, she wondered what she wanted to do for a career. And her intuition responded immediately: she wanted to be an actress. ,I owe my career to a woman who is angry about cantaloupe.” said to hollywood reporter In 2022. She began her pageant path by winning the title of Miss Orange County, and quickly signed up with an agent who introduced her to her first characters. Her debut came almost immediately, at the age of 20, in an episode of the series fantasy island And, since then, nothing stopped him. Just five years later, he was winning over critics with Brian DePalma’s cult classic, scarface,

Like every young person, he was living the moment of learning and professional growth, in search of important answers. however, She fell into the clutches of the wrong people through a cult that preached a strategy to stay in the air, brainwashing her while she squandered her savings, This practice is known as ‘.breatherism‘ And those who practice it believe that human beings can survive because of the subtle cosmic food, light and air.

,He believed that people in their highest state were breathlessshared in 2013 Wire, saying that they put him on a diet”unenforceable,

,He worked with weights and put people on diets. they were vegetarian”, he said a decade ago. ,He was very controlling. I didn’t live with them, but I spent a lot of time there and they always told me I had to go further. I had to be paid full time so financially it was very taxingsaid the actress.

Some time later, in 2022, he recalled the experience in the aforementioned interview with The Hollywood Reporter, explaining it”was too brainwashed“, and reiterating that he spent a lot of money to be part of the cult. He was her lover and future first husband, peter hortonWhich helped her out of the mental pit she was in and thanks to a film project.

NEW YORK CITY - JUNE 9: Actor Peter Horton, actress Michelle Pfeiffer and producer Alan Carr attend the premiere of

NEW YORK CITY – JUNE 9: Actor Peter Horton, actress Michelle Pfeiffer and producer Alan Carr attend the New York City premiere of “Grease 2” at the Ziegfeld Theater on June 9, 1982 in New York City. (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

The director and producer – to whom he was married between 1981 and 1988 – was preparing a film about the Moonies – a cult known as the Unification Church – when he asked Michelle Pfeiffer to go to a meeting with them. Said for He was going to talk to a former cult member to gather information. And it was there, sitting in the middle of a conversation, that she realized she was being manipulated.,

Suddenly he felt how his reason clicked. “We were talking to an ex Mooney and something clicked when he was describing psychological manipulation” explained to Wire for a long time. ,I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a cult.’ It was like a lamp went out and I never came back.” Recently added.

This all happened before they married in 1981 and while she was finding her place in Hollywood through sporadic television appearances. It was after the ceremony, and just as they were on their honeymoon, that she learned she had landed her first leading role. oil 2,

hence, Horton was instrumental in the departure from Creed and thanks to the one film where he only appeared as filler in the story. And is that although he is known for his work as a director and producer, he has also done some work as an actor. as it happened serial, an adult satire on the New Age in which he was credited as “Cult Member No. 4” and for which he prepared extensively. Which is to say, it would be a minor character in a film that didn’t stand out in the world of cinema, but was relevant enough to serve as Michelle Pfeiffer’s escape route.

Early in her career, Horton was her steadfast support as the young actress learned to navigate the business. And is that it not only gave her the information she needed on a platter to get out of the cult she had entered, but it also boosted her personal confidence, boosting her self-esteem, comparing her to Katharine Hepburn, so that She had the confidence to reject ‘sexy girl’ roles without artistic substance. He was also her biggest support during the filming of scarface, since he was going to bed”cry every night She felt insecure being surrounded by experienced actors and was the only woman in her scenes with them.

Founder of Breathivism (also known as breatherism) is called Willie Brooks and for a long time declared that he had eaten nothing for 19 years, preaching human existence without a substance such as air. However, after a few years Michelle Pfeiffer’s experience was exposed by LaVell Leffler, co-founder of the Brethrian Institute. ,The truth is, he walks into 7-Eleven and fast food places and eats like everyone else, except he has to rely on places that stay open late into the night.” explained to United Press International in 1983, as stated in an article sfgate, Brooks resisted by saying that Leffler was a hurt ex-boyfriend, but then more allegations surfaced, including an aide saying she saw Brooks drinking a can of Coca-Cola.

According to SF Gate, His followers paid up to $500 for each class he taught, and while Brook’s beliefs changed over time—saying in 2009 that McDonald’s hamburgers and Coke could help you stay healthy—the movement grew. A couple came forward in 2017 who told Sun (Via new york post, who survived without eating more than one serving of fruit or vegetable broth three times a week since 2008. However, many experts have refuted the movement theory, such as dietician Tanya Zuckerbrot, who according to new york post I declare thatIf you do not provide the required amount of calories to your body, your body will start breaking down, ,you will have no muscle mass and you will be wasted”, he declared loud and clear. ,does not make any sense; It defies all common sense that our bodies need to survive. people will starve, you can’t live,

luckily for the star Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantummania, He managed to escape in time. And now, at age 64, she’s been happily married for nearly three decades to producer David E. Kelly.

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