Michelle Rodriguez has been fired from the successful Televisa program

They reveal the reasons why Michelle Rodriguez is no longer a part of this successful television program.

How surprised we were when we found out that the lovely actress Michelle Rodriguez39, was fired from this production of Televisa,

journalist shanik barman It was she who revealed the strong reasons why the San Angel television station officials decided to fire the Mexican actress. Michelle Rodriguez of this televisa series that aired for nine seasons.

“I have realized ‘Donkey’ Van Rankin and the full cast of ’40 and 20′including Michelle Rodriguez, stated that they wanted their salaries to be raised and that if not, they would not record. The whole cast got involved and they were like, ‘Oh yeah, what do you think? nobody is here ’40 and 20′,

“And they took them all out of Televisa. You can’t demand: ‘Either they pay us or we don’t record,'” said the host of the radio program ‘For all women’ Together maxine woodside,

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