Miguel Bose reveals the reasons why he lost his voice

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Miguel Bosé’s return to his native Spain to promote his biography has become a success, Well, the same singer has started clarifying many unknown things about his life.

And it is that now the artist has spoken during his participation in”El Hormiguero”how he lost his voice eight years ago, as well as the family and personal moments that marked him.

because of your low voice

Regarding his voice, he recalled that last year he woke up with severe back pain and after being in bed for several weeks and Thinking it was sciatica, they performed surgery.

He explained that the reason for this was a car accident that happened in 1999 and the consequences of which appeared 23 years later. Even then, During the study done on him, the doctors found something strange in his body.

“At that point you think the worst. Two days later the doctor came in with two people and told me that, in fact, his suspicions were well founded and that I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, which is not the case. They told me that we are sure and believe that we can solve the problem of voice, We have found the cause that causes the infection that takes it away from you”, he remarked.

,He told me the problem was a tooth, While inserting the wrong implant, they drilled a hole in my bone and slowly the debris got inside and over time it became an infection that damaged my entire face and went up to my intestines. they pulled my tooth out and The next day after 8 years my voice was backnarrated

He insisted that before he had told them his problem was emotional, others told him he probably had a lung problem and still others said it was reflux.

“I tried everything and traveled all over the world to see the best doctors. He had been traveling for eight years with a sadness in his soul because he had lost the equipment. I was already asking God that if I can’t sing I won’t sing but he will give me back my voice so that my children will know what their father’s voice is so that I can communicate“, he pointed out.

Currently, the Spaniard is undergoing treatment to restore his voice to 100%; In addition, it helps with speech therapy and strengthens the back.

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