Mollywood: Three small films have made it big in the last four months

Mollywood is best known for its quality content. Malayalam filmmakers are the best when it comes to delivering movies with good content in a low budget. In the last four months, the industry witnessed three big hits. The interesting aspect here is that all three are small budget films. Apart from these, other movies of Mollywood failed to attract the audience.

First on the list is Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai starring Hridayam fame Darshana Rajendran and director Basil Joseph. Directed by Vipin Das, the film talks about an essential social element but in a humorous manner without being preachy. The entertainment factor worked big time, resulting in a stellar reception at the box office.

Next on the list is Malikappuram starring Unni Mukundan, Deva Nand and Sripath in lead roles. The film is an action adventure and revolves around a little girl who wants to visit Sabarimala. When evil forces try to create problems for the little girl during her journey to the holy place, Unni Mukundan arrives and becomes the saviour. The devotion and emotional touch made the film a huge moolah. The film is directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar.

Lastly, Romancham starring Saubin Shaheer, Arjun Ashokan, Sajin Gopu, Sijju Sunny and Abin Bino in lead roles is the only box office hit for Mollywood this February. Romancham is a comedy horror and is based on real events that happened in the lives of some bachelors who used spirit boards. When the element of fun is properly mixed with horror, the box office will be on fire, and it has been proved with Romancham. Jeetu Madhavan directed this film.

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