Most commented moment of season finale shows series producers clarify whether or not it’s CGI

The star of the final episode of ‘The Last of Us’ is not Pedro Pascal or Bella Ramsey, but an animal. It turns out that the giraffe scene from the HBO series, adapted directly from the games, has become a huge topic of conversation because of the special effects used, which suggest a digital creation for that moment. Now Series producers confirm scenes were made with real giraffes and was filmed inside the Calgary Zoo.

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The zoo is short on giraffes, but Nabo, a 12-year-old male Maasai giraffe who is the tallest in his group, was cast in the role. The scene in question is one of the most important in the video game and show; It’s the culmination of hours of sustained violence, a moment of respite before Joel (Pascal) and Ellie (Rumsey) face more brutality. HBO placed the scene in the ninth episode, which was the finale of its first season. Ellie is recovering from a particularly traumatic encounter with a group of cannibals, stripped of her common sense and sense of humor.

The meeting comes with a claim to “remind us of the beauty and power of nature”. So it was important for the HBO production team to get the moment right, which meant using real giraffes. In a recent interview on the Kinda Funny podcast (via comic book), Indigo druckmann He commented on the difficulties, the logistical constraints of working with one of these mammals, and the They brought the shooting environment to Giraffe, not the other way around. Location manager Matt Palmer in HBO’s Making of the ‘Last of Us’ documentary.

“What I learned after researching the game was the critical importance of this moment for the entire history of the game. Yes, you can make a giraffe with visual effects, but it’s not like this.”

Yet why were so many people on social media thinking the giraffe was totally fake and that CGI graces so many animals on screen these days? Probably because a lot of visual effects were used to achieve the scene. HBO moved the production to the Calgary Zoo to film the scene, and the turnip enclosure was rigged up with blue panels to create a blue screen for a month, production designer John Peno tells Variety, so that the giraffes would feel comfortable. can feel, So what makes Digital sing so much are the CGI backgrounds directed by visual effects supervisor Alex Wang.,

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