Natsume Ono Finishes Bokura ga Koi wo Shita no wa Manga in March


Romance manga about four retirement-age men to launch in June 2021

© Natsume Ono, Kodansha

April issue of bite‘S Kiss Magazine revealed on Saturday Natsume Ono will finish Bokura Ga Koi Wo Shita No Wa (As Falling in Love Is) manga in the magazine’s May issue on March 25.

Ono launched the manga in Kiss In June 2021. bite Published the third volume on 11 November.

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One day, a mysterious woman appears in the town, and each of the men slowly becomes infatuated with her.

Since she made her debut in 2003 La Quinta Camera – 5 Banme No HayaOno’s works include house of five leaves, Restaurant Paradiso, Gente – Restaurant no Hitobito, tesoroAnd Not easy, i.e. media Publishing all of these titles in North America. yen press Issuing ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka, kodansha comics Ono also published danza Manga in English.

Restaurant Paradiso, house of five leavesAnd ACCA 13 All have inspired late night television anime series. Ono’s futagashira The manga inspired a live-action drama in 2015.

ono launched the gamesters Manga in March 2022.

Source: Kiss april issue

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