Netas Divinas: Natalia Téllez reveals she couldn’t stop looking at the breasts of a famous actress

  • Natalia Tellez assured that she knew that her actions were wrong, but she could not stop doing them.
  • Galilea Montijo recounts a fun experience she had with Sabrina Sabrook.

Natalia Tellez On several occasions she was honest during the program ‘Netas Divinas’ and on other occasions it is her colleagues who betray her and in the final broadcast of the program, since Paola Rojas and Daniela Magun mentioned that she kept looking at Natalia’s breasts. Ninel Conde.

In the program, the hosts chided Téllez and remarked that the last time she appeared as Ninel Conde’s guest, Natalia could not let her see her breasts, for which they mocked her.

“When Ninel comes on the show, she can’t control herself. Set love for an hour”, said Daniela Magun.

After this comment, Natalia tried to explain why she could not stop looking at that part of Ninel Conde’s body: “There was an incident. It’s that he came on the program and I was chich** watching the whole program and I knew it was wrong. I tried,” she admitted shyly.

The actress also emphasized that it was very humiliating for her to see Ninel Conde’s breasts all the time, something that a woman would find very offensive for a man: “I was very disrespectful and it’s not comfortable. In a boy I would say: ‘What happened to you?’ And I’m doing it, stop doing it. Could not”.

Galilea Montijo can’t stop looking at Sabrina Sabroc’s breasts

Galilea Montijo said that something similar happened to her when she recorded a sketch with Sabrina Sabrook, who is known for her breast augmentation and very large size.

“With Sabrina, but also. Sabrina two and we were rehearsing a sketch and I said to her: ‘Do you agree it’s impossible not to stop looking at Chic…?’ And he: ‘Yeah, I’m used to it’.

In this regard, Natalia Tellez noted that Sabrina is quite a character and even joked that she would start flattering the breasts of another woman: “But she is a character, I like it. Oh, I’m going to start.”

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