Netflix film to take courage and end the relationship that no longer makes you happy

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When we start a relationship there are a lot of expectations around us and we start making plans for the rest of our lives if things work out, but blue Valentine is one movie In Netflix it turns out that we can’t always have “happy forever” what we dream of

blue Valentine one of two sad valentine as it was called in Mexico, is a movie 2010 independent film starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, directed by American filmmaker Derek M. Cianfrance.

Despite the fact that more than a decade has passed since its theatrical release Netflix decided to include in the list of movies Available in Latin America and has been a great success because it shows the other side of the relationship.

Synopsis and plot of Blue Valentine

according to the official summary of Netflix, blue Valentine tells the story of “A young couple grapples with painful and growing rifts in their marriage as they reminisce about the tender, whirlwind phase of their crush years ago.”

Dean and Cindy have been married for 7 years and although they love their 6-year-old son, their relationship is rapidly falling apart, but in a last-ditch effort to fix his wife, Dean plans a one-night stand at a hotel. makes up and thanks to flashbacks, we see the beginning of their relationship.

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this is a movie non-linear that moves back and forth between the present and the love story of Dean and Cindy, who begin as a couple of young people excited about love and their relationship slowly begins to deteriorate until until it reached the breaking point.

What is the ending of Blue Valentine?

blue Valentine It received rave reviews upon its premiere in 2010, garnering 88% positive reviews according to the Rotten Tomatoes scale, and even Michelle Williams was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress category, but it’s not clear who. was the end of the couple movie,

This movie It has an open ending that leaves the judgment on the outcome of Dean and Cindy’s relationship up to the public, although the separation was inevitable for many romantics who still believed in love if they gave themselves a second chance. But now you can choose your favorite version blue Valentine thank you for Netflix, Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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