Netflix’s manipulative new psychological mystery thriller quietly sneaks into the top 10 in 72 countries

EL Silencio (L-R) Aaron Piper as Sergio in EL Silencio.

Ten million. Lander Larragga/Netflix © 2022

You can set your watch on any mystery thriller produced by Netflix with absolutely no time to waste in becoming one of the most watched titles on the platform, be it a feature film, TV show or miniseries , so it is not surprising that after muted (also known as el silencio) made a beeline just above the chart.

The Spanish-language story begins with Aaron Piper’s Sergio Siscar imprisoned for six years after being arrested for the murder of his parents while he was still a teenager. However, after the time-jump, the plot thickens in more ways than when the people tasked with overseeing her release into society begin to suspect that either she’s up to something , Or he is completely innocent.

El Silencio (left to right) Aitor Luna as Daniel Cabrera, Aaron Piper as Sergio in EL Silencio.
Ten million. Lander Larragga/Netflix © 2022

Almudena Amor’s psychiatrist Ana Dasuel leads the team tracking Sergio, who has not uttered a word or shown the slightest sign of cooperating with or assisting the authorities in their investigation into the deaths of his mother and father. If you’ve ever watched television before in your life, you might have a slight idea of ​​how and where the dominoes are going to fall, but Netflix subscribers are desperate to find out either way.

Per FlixPatrol, muted debuted as the third top-watched episodic title worldwide, and while it hasn’t quite managed to capture number one, there’s no shame when it comes to a pair of spin-offs that First and second place. bridgerton branch queen charlotte And to all the boys i’ve loved Expansion xo, kitty,

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