Netflix’s worst and craziest original The Bump hits the top 10 in 80 countries

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The critical acclaim is no match for the title, something that was demonstrated to great effect during the Netflix series. sex / life Despite being beaten the wrong way, the platform managed to top the viewership charts.

A 21 percent score wasn’t a tremendous revelation for a show that first of all prided itself on promiscuity, but a 36 audience approval rating came as a surprise when even those who came to the episodic erotic thriller found themselves Did not get foam in this show. mouth until the grand climax unfolds.

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However, with the start of season 2 it garnered enough attention and sultry eyes to renew where its predecessor left off by bowing out on the global most viewed chart and giving it a good spanking. Per FlixPatrol, the return of sex / life Has left a stain on viewership rankings that didn’t require UV light to uncover, with at least 80 countries expanding to welcome the steamy saga into the Top 10.

Plus, being first proves to be an advantage in the case of this sexually-charged escapade, with 20 nations in total seeing the six-episode load fly straight to number one. As a result, Suburban Dull has instantly achieved the clear position of being Netflix’s most popular show globally, reigning outer BanksThe third run proved to be embarrassingly short-lived after so much hype and buildup, which is no big deal when there are so many other shows out there all the time.

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