New appointments for Iconica Sevilla Fest 2023 include Scorpions, Loquillo and Lola Indigo

It has been made for a begging but final yet to be confirmed fourteen artist name that came from the third edition. prestigious seville festivalboutique festival that takes place in spain square 2021 onwards and this year brings forward its festivities for the start of summer, starting on June 15, exactly three months from now, and ending on July 22.

Scorpions, Lola Indigo, Lang Lang (The Disney Book), Ana Torroja, Fangoria, Nancy Rubias, Kraftwerk, Marco Antonio Solis, Fito Paez, Loquillo, Los Secretos and LP are the names added to the already confirmed eleven. Are.

In this way, the entire poster of Iconica Sevilla Fest 2023 is made up of 25 artists (and groups), which in total 27 shows in just 37 days, since appointments like that of singer Laura Pausini would have two dates. As always, the eclectic programming at this outstanding festival includes:

Pablo López (June 16), Vichitra (June 18)Juan Amodio (June 22), Pastora Solar (June 23), Alejandro Fernandez (June 25)Vanessa Martin (June 29), Bomba Esterio (July 4), Barrett (July 7), Nile Rodgers and Chick (July 12), Anastasia (July 14) and Laura Pausini (July 21 and 22),

Undoubtedly, a group of artists who create a cultural proposal of a very high level that will surely leave moments to remember, such as C. The show Tangana gave in the previous edition, a concert that was awarded last week at the Iberian Festival Awards for best performance at a festival held in the Iberian Peninsula in 2022.

Presentation of the Iconica Sevilla festival

juan flores

The presentation of the Iconica Sevilla Fest event took place this afternoon at Las Setas in Seville and included the intervention of these people. Antonio Munozthe mayor of the city, and Javier Esteban, director of the festival. Sevillians Pastora Soler and Juan Amodio, who are part of the bill, didn’t want to miss the event.

Finally, it should be remembered that tickets for various concerts are available for sale on the website of the festival. The shows announced this Wednesday can be purchased next Friday the 17th.

  1. 1

    Solomon (June 15)

  2. 2

    Lola Indigo June 24)

  3. 3

    Lang Lang (June 30)

  4. 4

    Ana Torroja, Fangoria and Nancy Rubias (July 1)

  5. 5

    Mariachi Gala (July 2)

  6. 6

    Marco Antonio Solis (July 5)

  7. 7

    Fito Paz (July 6)

  8. 8

    Loquillo and the Secrets (July 9)

  9. 9

    Scorpio (July 11)

  10. 10

    LP (July 15)

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