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nick cannon The 12-year-old is opening up about his life as a father.

In a new interview, the 42-year-old masked singer The host shared how he splits his time with his many children, and revealed the one child he spends “the most time” with.

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appearing on Jason Lee Podcast, hole Said 8 month old daughter Onyxwith whom he shares lanisha cole“That’s probably the kid I spend the most time with.”

“I’m with her at least three times a week for the whole day,” hole Said. “But I don’t put it out in the media, social media [because] It is not for them. But you know, Lanisha and I have a very strong understanding and our co-parenting operation is very solid.”

He said, “If you see me on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, my daughter [Onyx] Is next to me, whether I’m on set.

“I’ve got a nursery in my office,” hole Explained. “I’m literally going to leave here to make sure I can spend the most time with her — not against all my other kids because all my other kids, they’re in school, they’re kids, as well as Onyx.” are, but the fact is I appreciate that Lanisha respects me enough to give me [Onyx]in fact, the same amount of time [LaNisha] does.”

another of holeMothers of children recently explained why they are not required to pay child support.

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