Nick Schedule Today (India) 2023

Nick Schedule Today (India) 2023: In this article, we’re going to share the complete Nick schedule today, so you can know when your favourite cartoon show is airing on Nick TV. So, take a look at the list table below and mark the time of your favourite show. 

Nick Schedule today
Nick Schedule Today (India) 2023

What is Nick TV India

Children’s pay television network Nickelodeon, often known as Nick, is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is owned by Viacom18, a joint venture between Paramount Global and TV18, and is the Indian equivalent of the original American Network. Despite using the “Nickelodeon” branding, it has recently adopted a localization approach that prevents it from airing any programming from the original American network; as a result, original Nickelodeon programming is only available on the Nickelodeon HD+ channel. Nickelodeon is the most popular kids’ channel in India as of October 2020.

Nick Schedule Today (India) 2023 List

Nick ScheduleShow Time (Current)
Power Rangers1:00 AM, Today 
Power Rangers1:30 AM, Today 
Zig And Sharko7:00 AM, Today 
Chikoo Aur Bunty9:30 AM, Today 
Motu Patlu & The Terror Of Giant Beasts11:30 AM, Today 
Motu Patlu1:00 PM, Today 
Motu Patlu Kung Fu Kings 4: The Challenge Of Kung Fu Brothers2:30 PM, Today 
Motu Patlu4:30 PM, Today 
Chikoo Aur Bunty5:30 PM, Today 
Motu Patlu6:30 PM, Today 
Zig And Sharko7:30 PM, Today 
Motu Patlu9:00 PM, Today 
Power Rangers1:00 AM, Tomorrow 
Power Rangers1:30 AM, Tomorrow 
Zig And Sharko7:00 AM, Tomorrow 
Motu Patlu8:30 AM, Tomorrow 
Chikoo Bunty Shaitaan, Papa Pareshaan10:00 AM, Tomorrow 
Zig And Sharko11:00 AM, Tomorrow 
Motu Patlu12:00 PM, Tomorrow 
Motu Patlu1:00 PM, Tomorrow 
Motu Patlu1:30 PM, Tomorrow 
Chikoo Aur Bunty2:00 PM, Tomorrow 
Motu Patlu3:30 PM, Tomorrow 
Motu Patlu In The Toy World4:30 PM, Tomorrow 
Chikoo Aur Bunty6:00 PM, Tomorrow 
Chikoo Aur Bunty6:30 PM, Tomorrow 
Zig And Sharko7:00 PM, Tomorrow 
Zig And Sharko7:30 PM, Tomorrow 
Motu Patlu9:00 PM, Tomorrow 

How to watch Nick TV India online?

If you have a premium subscription, you can watch it on the Voot OTT platform. 

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