Nicola Coughlan’s incredible body transformation leaving Penelope aside in Bridgerton

Bridgerton will be back on Netflix with Season 3 and as the crew and cast prepare to wrap filming, Nicola Coughlan releases a photo of herself on the set of the series as evidence that she may be leaving. What does it look like physically after? ,

bridgertonHit period drama from streaming platform Netflix Which released its second installment in late March last year, almost everything is ready on the sets of Season 3. News has it that the filming will wrap up in the next few days and fans couldn’t be more excited to see how it turns out. Outside, a romance will develop between Penelope Fetherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (luke newton) on this next round of the programme.

Let us recall that the story of Bridgerton season 3 will focus on the relationship between these two characters who have been friends for a long time but when she heard that he put her down when she was talking to his friends, a hurt Penelope deeply I will drown. Timing is not going well for the marriage market and of course Colin.

Filming for Bridgeron Season 3 has been underway since mid-2022 and new episodes have been delayed to hit screens due to some delays on the sets of the Netflix drama. However, it is expected that the new stories will premiere on Netflix this year, three to four months after the launch of the spin-off. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Storyscheduled for spring.

The truth is Nicola Coughlan has spent many days and nights filming and shared with fans an accident on the Bridgetron Season 3 set this week. The star, who plays Penelope, commented that something has happened to her hair thanks to the wig she uses to bring her character to life in the hit Netflix drama.

Nicola Coughlan looks very different after taking off Penelope’s wig on set in Bridgerton

In addition to romance and drama, Bridgerton is known for its intricate costumes and designs. The actors also talked about some corset mishaps they’ve experienced in the past. Now, as the last days of filming for Season 3 draw near, Nicola Coughlan has shared on social media the mishap she had with one of her Penelope wigs.

Nicola Coughlan shared a meme of the former president Donald Trump, her infamous combo hairstyle, and a snapshot of Penelope taking off her wig at Bridgerton. Puckering her lips very triumphantly, the actress captioned the photo: “How did I look when my wig came off today”, While it’s hilarious, fans are looking forward to seeing Penelope’s glamorous new look on the wedding market.

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