‘No, it’s not a dream’: ‘Los Serrano’, the famous Spanish series, returns to television with Antonio Regin

Whereas tell me decides to end the serranos seem destined for return to spanish television, The legendary telecinco sitcom, the most followed in Spain, will return to the small screen according to Antonio Razin is confirmed in resistanceNoting that the most relevant actors and actresses have already been contacted and a meeting will be arranged with all of them. Was it all a dream?

return back the serranos: The most successful series will return to television, confirmed by Antonio Regines

resin, the soul and the center of production, was direct in its passage through resistanceHe late night Movistar+ Plus Interview directed by Davide Broncano. “The only thing is we’re going to bring something together”, explained the interpreter with some mockery. in the aforementioned program they tried to get him out if he was going to be a Revival or a meeting, and even if the lead actors and actresses are about to come together in a bridge show on other television shows, such as anthill by Pablo Motos. Regin opted not to release the pledge.


We’re going to meet some, but I can’t say anything

“If I go, we have it here. Let’s keep quiet just in case”He said between laughs. “What can I say the reunion will be on free-to-air television”, although he did not specify whether he was referring to Telecinco or Antena 3, with whom he also has business relations. “I can’t say yet,” he explained in regards to whether it would be a reconstructionA continuation of what was seen after their painful end – in which it was said that everything was a dream – or in the style of if it would be a meeting FriendIn which the impact of the show will be reviewed. the serranos It ran for five years on the air from 2003 to 2008, counting among its cast the aforementioned Regine, Jesús Bonilla and Belen Rueda, being a phenomenal television success.

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