North American anime, manga release, March 5-11

TopicPublishersuggested retail pricedate Abe-kun I’ve got it now! GN 10PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 ancient magus bride GN 17subpoenaseven SeasUS$9.99March 7 As a reincarnated noble, I’ll use my evaluative skills to rise up in the world GN 4animenewsnetworkKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 Ayashimon g n 1Pleasei.e. mediaUS$9.99March 7 black clover GN 32Pleasei.e. mediaUS$6.99March 7 blue box GN 3Pleasei.e. mediaUS$6.99March 7 trying my best to confess GN 4PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 elusive samurai GN 5Pleasei.e. mediaUS$6.99March 7 ghost reaper girl GN 4Pleasei.e. mediaUS$6.99March 7 I feel that I have become the mother of 10 children of the great demon king in the other world GN 7PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 Ima Koi: Now I’m in love GN 5Pleasei.e. mediaUS$6.99March 7 Kakuryo: Bed and Breakfast for the Souls GN 8Pleasei.e. mediaUS$6.99March 7 kubo won’t let me go invisible GN 6Pleasei.e. mediaUS$6.99March 7 Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero GN 5Pleaseseven SeasUS$9.99March 7 library magus GN 6PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 master will play magic again GN 1-2PleasemedibangUS $ 5.99 eachMarch 7 mf ghost GN 11PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reborn GN 16Pleaseseven SeasUS$9.99March 7 orange-to you, dear- GNPleaseseven SeasUS$9.99March 7 Raised by the Demon Kings! GN 6PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 Shangri-La Frontier GN 10PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 shapeshifting witch’s kiss GN 4PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 Terramoon Empire GN 4PleaseJ-Novel ClubUS$8.99march 8 Amagami tied the knot with sister GN 7PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99March 7 Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf! GN 7PleaseJ-Novel ClubUS$8.99march 8 yokai cats GN 3 (Color)Pleaseseven SeasUS$9.99March 7 Jonah of the Dawn GN 38Pleasei.e. mediaUS$6.99March 7

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