‘Not a Dollar More’: Netflix cuts the tap and slashes the budget and cancels a highly anticipated and star-studded film

Netflix has turned off the tap. The stage holds that, after throwing more and more $60,000 million in series and movies, it’s time to slow down and reduce the budget. Portal has been characterized by investing huge amounts of money in hiring films with high-profile directors or Hollywood stars, but this trend has ended after technical challenges ahead and several cancellations in divisions such as animation. Paris ParamountA film featuring a significant number of top level figures from Seventh Art paid off Piper: Don’t waste money foolishly and don’t see the light of day

Netflix cuts the budget of one of its highly anticipated films, cancels it without referrals, and for a reason: the investment must be made profitable

Afterwards Authentic Spent Atrocities To produce and promote the films in 2020, 2021 and 2022 Invisible Agent, Red Alert, Project Adam or The IrishmanNetflix has decided to put its feet up against the wall and slash the budget of iconic director Nancy Meyers’ latest comedy, Paris Paramountled by an artist Scarlett Johansson, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz and Michael Fassbender, Obviously, as mentioned in deadline (via ComicBook) The director’s budget concerns would be at the center of the disagreement, to the extent that the project has been canceled.

The director wanted $160 million to produce the film., a much higher amount than the 100–130 million originally budgeted for the start of filming. That, along with the fact that existing costs in terms of locations and equipment can add up, has led Netflix to try Re-negotiate with the filmmaker to avoid major disagreements. However, the meeting will not go well, Neither side relented and the film would be canceled, Without any middle ground. Now Meyers is in a serious trouble, because he must find a new platform Or the studio for his film, his first since 2015.


Netflix is ​​considering how to produce, distribute and greenlight its best movies

What is the reason for this change in trend? For two reasons: First, Netflix needs to produce less and higher quality content. When we talk of times of economic uncertainty, investing huge amounts of money in films that don’t have enough cultural impact or relevance among audiences doesn’t make much sense. The second is directly related to competition. The strategy of other platforms is to better select projects that get the green light, provide them with more appropriate publicity, and fight for the traditional exhibition circuit in search of prestige. Netflix seems to have figured it out, All Quiet Front is a fine example—honored at the Oscars—so don’t be surprised if the strategy changes in the months and years to come.

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