‘Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God 2’ Net Anime’s Main Promo Video Previews Opening Song

Opening song for January 10 anime by Hiro Shimono and Yuuki Kaji

The second season’s primary promotional video, which features a preview of the opening song “Kosha Rhythm” by the voices of Anubis and Thoth (Hiro Shimono and Yuuki Kaji, respectively), was made public on Wednesday by the official website for the anime featuring characters from Yuka’s Ttotsu ni Egypt Kami (Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God) series.

On January 10 at 1:00 a.m., Tokyo MX and DMM TV will air the anime debut (effectively, January 11). On January 15, it will then debut on more networks and websites.

The cast and crew from the first season will return, along with Junichi Suwabe as Sebek, the Egyptian god with crocodile-themed themes, according to an announcement made on the anime’s website in May.

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The original work is credited to singer yuka. At Typhoon Graphics, Katsuya Kikuchi (Idol Memories) will return to direct the second season. The series scripts are once again being overseen by Yuichiro Higashide (Fate/Apocrypha), and Rena Okuyama (The Royal Tutor, Idol Memories) is back as character designer. The music is once more being composed by Keiji Inai (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?).

Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God 2'

For the second season, additional staff members include:

  • Script: Yuniko Ayana
  • Art Director/Art Setting: Shinji Nagaoka
  • Color design: Aiko Matsuyama
  • Cinematographer: Hideki Imaizumi
  • Editor: Yuichiro Chaen
  • Sound Director: Chikako Yokota
  • Sound Effects: Kaori Yamada
  • Music Production: IMAGINE
  • Animation Producer: Takashi Sakurai

As the first anime season launched in Japan, Crunchyroll streamed it. The service provided the following plot summary:

Greetings from the land of the Egyptian deities.
Here, the well-known Egyptian gods, including Thoth and Anubis, have free lives.

You inquire how freely? Bastet suddenly appears, singing and dancing. Medjed always has a grim expression. Horus holds a temp job. Set focuses on playing practical jokes. Ra frequently leaves home to travel. Basically, every God just does whatever they want!

These adorable mascot Egyptian gods make the best of their free-wheeling heavenly existences. Now there is an anime featuring the wildly popular “Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God” characters!

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