Ollie Locke and husband Gareth are expecting twins via surrogate

Ollie Locke and her husband Gareth are expecting twins via a surrogate after three years of trying.

Made In Chelsea star Ollie, 35, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a video of her baby’s scan as well as moments with Gareth and his surrogate.

The reality star captioned her post: ‘We are so happy to be able to share the news that we are expecting baby twins Locke-Locke into the world this summer!

‘You’ve all been great these past 3 years trying to have a family and we promise to share every step of this adventure with you all.

‘To all those who are on their journey to parenthood, we are with you and sending all the kids dust!

happy news! Ollie Locke, 35, and her husband Gareth are expecting twins via a surrogate after three years of trying
Sharing with fans: Made In Chelsea star Ollie shared a video of her baby’s scan on Instagram on Sunday, as well as moments with Gareth and his surrogate
Heart Touching Words: Oli posted a heartfelt message for his fans while sharing the news with his social media followers

‘Thank you to our sensational surrogate @bex7ward for being the most incredible human being, the love we have for you and your family is just another level! XX.’

Their surrogate had a miscarriage after Ollie and Gareth spoke out in December.

It comes just days after Ollie and Gareth announced their surrogate had become pregnant after a third round of IVF after the couple suffered a miscarriage at six weeks pregnant in 2021 during an earlier round of fertility treatment .

The couple shared the heartbreaking news, and Ollie admitted it made him feel ‘impotent’ that he has so far been unable to conceive.

Speaking on E4 show MIC’s Bali special, Oli said: ‘We can’t believe it’s happened again.’

Gareth said: ‘This is our third time. Every time it seems… “It’s definitely going to happen next time.”

‘It seems like every time you want to do it again, it’s just a little bit, one step further away.

‘Obviously we are in a very fortunate position, we can go again. But you know it is not, it is not easy.’

Ollie admitted he was ‘feeling embarrassed that he and Gareth haven’t had a baby together yet’.

Baby on the way: Ollie announces she and Gareth will welcome their first child into the world this summer
Grateful: ‘Thank you to our sensational surrogate @bex7ward for being the most incredible human being,’ Ollie wrote to her surrogate (pictured)

Speaking to his co-stars Emily Blackwell and Miles Nazaire on the show, Ollie said: ‘Can I tell you anything really wild? And it’s a weird, personal thing, and I know I shouldn’t feel that way.

‘And I know it, but I am so ashamed. I haven’t even called my father yet. Because I’m ashamed of it…

‘I’ll tell you the reason it’s weird, I feel manly. And I know this is really silly, but this is me opening up to you guys, and I know I shouldn’t feel like this, but I feel embarrassed that it didn’t work out for us.

‘And it’s so stupid, but I just waited long enough to tell someone’s dad so I don’t have to.

‘But embarrassment is such a strange feeling, when it’s really like, it should be the last of your thoughts.’

In December 2021, Ollie and Gareth told how their surrogate had tragically miscarried at six weeks.

In July 2021, the couple, who married in November 2020, revealed how their first IVF attempt had been unsuccessful.

Happy family: Ollie and Gareth have been pregnant with their surrogate for three years before they were expecting at the end of the week

Ollie said at the time: ‘I think our expectations were too high and we really thought it would work, but nature’s the thing and we can’t do anything about it.

‘We have to think that this should not have happened and we’re going to move on in a month or so and do it again. We are optimistic.

‘Sometimes it doesn’t work. But this will not stop us from trying again and again.

Her first attempt to have a child through IVF in 2021 resulted in a miscarriage.

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