Om Bhootkar Monalisa Bagal Raarambh Marathi Movie Poster Out

ravarambh marathi movie: We are familiar with many love stories in history. One such unique love story hidden in the pages of history is all set to knock on the Marathi silver screen. The actor who won the hearts of the audience with his powerful performance in ‘Mulshi Pattern’ Om Bhootkar And the talented actress Monalisa Bagal, who has a good combination of beauty and acting, will be seen on the silver screen through the film ‘Raarambh’.

Monalisa has shared the poster of the film ‘Ravarambh’ on social media. Sharing the poster, he wrote, “Breathe, here he comes riding a horse, wielding a steel sword! ‘Ravarambh’ in cinemas near you from 12th May.” The motion poster of ‘Ravarambh’ has been liked by the audience and now they are waiting for the film.

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When will ‘Ravarambh’ come in front of the audience?

The film ‘Ravarambh’ will be released in theaters on 12 May. Anoop Jagdale has handled the direction of this film. In this film, Shantanu Moghe will be seen in the role of Chhatrapati and Ashok Samarth will be seen in the role of Prataprao Gujar.

What is in the poster of ‘Ravarambh’?

In the poster of ‘Ravarambh’, ‘Rao’ and ‘Rambha’ are seen together in the background of the saffron flag waving in the sky. Horse riders are also seen running unconscious with them. In this attractive poster, there is tremendous chemistry between Om and Monalisa. It shows the urge to do anything for each other.

Talking about the film ‘Ravarambh’, director Anup Jagdale said, ‘Hidden in the pages of history is ‘Ravarambh’, a neglected yet unique love story in the hills of Sahyadri. This love story is not just a love story, but a story in it. Strong touch of reality. The story has the edge of loyalty, bravery, sacrifice and dedication.”

Guru Thakur and Kshitij Patwardhan have written the songs of the film ‘Ravarambh’. Many historical films have been released in the last few days and these films have become popular among the audience. Now the audience is curious about the film ‘Ravarambh’.

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