Own designs, lots of flowers and fuchsia as the color of the day: Isabel Preisler, Tamara Falco and Ana Boyer at the wedding of Lucia Dominguez Vega-Peniquet and Álvaro Gomis

Isabel Preisler, Tamara Falco and Ana Boyer attended the wedding on Saturday. With weeks to go before the Marquise de Griñón, three women are dressed to accompany Lucia Dominguez Vega-Peniche and Álvaro Gomis On this special day The couple said ‘yes, I do’ at the church in Santa Barbara and then continued the festivities at the Real Club Puerta de Hierro with their 300 guests.

With the couple’s permission—Lucia is the daughter of an architect Jose Antonio Dominguez Urquijo and Graciela Vega-Penniket and Álvaro, Felipe Cortina’s partner in the Jimmy Lion sock brand—he has starred in Glow At the entrance to the central temple. Tamara Falco and Ana Boyer are close to Lucia Dominguez Vega-Penichet, which is why they didn’t want to give up the link and that’s why their mother, Isabel Preisler, has come with them, leaving her temporary retirement from social events. Since her famous break with paper queen Mario Vargas Llosa teats Very rarely visible. But this Saturday there were reasons to do so: the wedding of a good friend of the house who might help Tamara take care of some of the details—the dress aside—for her wedding. inigo oniwa Next July 8th at El Rincón Farms. Neither Oniva nor Fernando Verdasco have accompanied their respective partners, perhaps as a sign of solidarity towards Isabel Preysler.

For the day, Tamara Falcó wears a dress of her own design, modeled by Camila, with TFP by Tamara Falcó and Pedro del Hierro label. a costume midis Lilac with white flower print. The cut piece at the waist, with gathered and long puffed sleeves, features a semi-boat neckline at the front and a ‘V’ at the back. Team her design with silver bow sandals and ankle bracelets and a beige clutch bag as closure for an effortless look, for which Tamara has tied her hair in a polished low ponytail with a simple white bow.

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Isabel Presler has opted for something more vibrant. An ankle-length yellow tunic with bare shoulders and long, wide sleeves is embellished with large floral prints in various shades of pink and side slits accentuate the signature piece by the Colombian designer. Sylvia Cherassi For whom influencer, or her stylist, Cristina Reyes. with yellow strappy sandals and clutch Sona, protected herself from the sudden low temperature that the capital recorded with a fuchsia shawl combined with the print of the dress. Isabel has left her hair open and is wearing golden earrings with pink sparkles as earrings.

Ana Boyer in fuchsia, blue and black wears a design from the party collection by Isabel Núñez de Armas, an expert in bridal fashion through her firm. inunes, A long-sleeved dress with a tight-fitting bodice and a skirt with volume from the hips with these three block colors as the protagonist of a composition that practically exposes the entire back. Anna Boyer wore her long hair in a semi-updo style and long earrings with pink stones, a black shawl, shades of sandals and clutchSo that it can be ensured that apart from adopting the protocol of the religious ceremony, there is no cold.

With them, another member of the Preisler family, Isabel’s nephew, Álvaro Castiljo, with his wife, Christina Fernandezwearing a Zimmermann print dress and accessories nude,

Felipe Cortina with his wife, amelia millonand his sister-in-law, Carla Vega-Peniche, Carlos Cortina’s companion and cousin of the bride, George Bengueria and Carla Goines They are other well-known faces who accompanied the couple on their big day.

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