Paris Hilton reveals she got pregnant with model Jason Shaw before having an abortion at 22

Paris Hilton has confirmed that she was pregnant with model and ex-fiancé Jason Shaw before having an abortion aged 22 in 2003.

The reality star, now 42, who previously revealed she terminated her pregnancy because she ‘wasn’t ready to have a baby’, said sexual abuse at boarding schools meant she was forced to evacuate from her tom, Paris. Wasn’t Fully Competent’: Memoirs.

Hilton first met Tommy Hilfiger model Shaw, now 49, outside the Four Seasons in LA in 2001 with the pair becoming engaged the following year. Their romance ended in 2003.

According to Time magazine, in an excerpt from her memoir, she wrote of discovering she was pregnant in November 2003: ‘I was terrified and heartbroken. The hormones sent my ADHD symptoms spiraling. I was at war with everything I knew about myself, everything I had been raised to believe about abortion.

‘I knew I wasn’t in the right place to make any kind of commitment. It had nothing to do with her or the child. I just wasn’t capable of being honest or loyal or thorough.

Exes Paris Hilton has confirmed she was pregnant with model Jason Shaw before having an abortion aged 22 in 2003 (pic 2002)

‘After the abuse at Provo Canyon School and three other programs within the “troubled teen” industry network, I was damaged in ways I couldn’t tell them about, and the fact that I didn’t talk about my past. Never believed them – says it all, doesn’t it? Secrets are corrosive. You destroy anything you try to layer on them.

Paris said she looked back on its termination with constant sadness, and ‘tortured myself with melodrama – thoughts like, What if I killed my Paris?’ – but she finds that motherhood in her 202s would have been a ‘train wreck’.

The star also opened up about “taking control of her reproductive destiny” and going through IVF with husband Carter Remm, which included: “months after injections, multiple egg-harvesting procedures, more IVF injections, new ADHD meds, My natural state of chaos—it was a lot.

The pair are now parents to son Phoenix, who was born via surrogate in January.

The heiress to the £11.6bn Hilton hotel empire details the sexual abuse she suffered in her memoir when her parents sent her to boarding schools for troubled youths to tame rebellious behaviour.

At a school in Provo Canyon School in the US state of Utah, Paris said she was sometimes drugged prior to the molestation.

‘I swallowed pills and stared at the wall with the flawless mask of a runway model,’ she writes in a piece published yesterday in The Times.

The Past: Hilton first met Tommy Hilfiger model Shaw, now 49, in 2001 outside of Four Seasons in L.A. The pair got engaged the following year. Their romance ended in 2003 (pictured 2002)
PARENTS: The star also opened up about ‘taking control of her reproductive destiny’ and going through IVF with husband Carter Remm (pictured last month).
Baby: Hilton just became a mom, announcing this January that she and husband Carter welcomed their son, Phoenix, via surrogate

‘Whatever they were giving me, I felt like my head was separated from my body.

‘This scared me, so I tucked the capsules inside my lower lip and waited for my chance to spit them out.

‘The Provo staff had their favorites. Always beautiful girls. But I don’t think it was about Sundar.

‘I think it was the weak people of the outside world, men and women who fell on the power that they had over us.

‘They took us to the hospital and put us on the table. We opened our legs for his chilling fingers. If we protested, there was always a tray with syringes.

‘I don’t know what was in the ‘booty juice’, but I saw children fall on the floor as soon as they were injected.’

At another school she recalls being woken up in the middle of the night, manhandled and then handcuffed when school staff came to take her away.

‘Around 4.30 in the morning, I was in a deep sleep when my bedroom door opened.

‘A thick hand grabbed my ankle and pulled me off the mattress. I was immediately awake – hyperwake – in a state of panic. I’m about to be raped. I’m about to be killed.

‘A man pressed a sweaty palm over my mouth, tipping my head back. The other put on a pair of handcuffs.’

Hilton grew up at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City with her parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, and her younger siblings, Nicky, Barron, and Conrad.

Her parents sent her to ‘therapeutic’ boarding schools run by a company called CEDU when she was 15 after their attempts to discipline her for sneaking into nightclubs failed.

She attended four different CEDU establishments before leaving at the age of 18.

She never told her parents about any abuse at the schools – saying that staff threatened she would never be able to leave if she did.

Milestone: Paris recently revealed she hid the birth of her child from even her family until she broke the news on social media (pictured)

Paris rose to fame in her early 20s for her starring role alongside fellow socialite Nicole Richie on the hit TV series The Simple Life, in which the pair worked jobs such as serving at a fast-food restaurant.

She then started modeling after signing with T Management, the agency of former US President Donald Trump.

Her notoriety reached another level when a sex tape featuring her and boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked in 2004.

In a statement on their website in 2020, Provo Canyon School officials stated that the institution was under different ownership prior to 2000, and ‘therefore cannot comment on operations or patient experience prior to that time’.

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