Pasapalabra Boat Day | A tweet reveals when the award will be given

An Antena 3 error reveals what day the Pasapalbra boat will give

what antenna 3 Delivery of Pasapalbra boat between March 15 and 17This is something that no longer surprises anyone because the chain was in charge of announcing the good news on social networks so that the public (loyal and less loyal to the program) would not miss an afternoon of Pasapalbara this week.

And, for now, the strategy seems to be working, as the competition wowed viewers on Tuesday, March 14. Passwordbroke the record And it achieved a screen share of over 27% or, which equates to, over 3 million people huddled in front of televisions yesterday to see if that was the day the pot was finally delivered.

But no, Tuesday March 14 was not the day that one of the two contestants, Orestes Barbero or Rafa Castaño, finally took the Pasapalabra boat The man from Burgos was close though, as he started off by hitting 21 definitions in one go. Orestes asks for a shift change while in V and with a heavy heart leaves the audience thinking it is a day of victory. Mistake.

One error gives the definitive clue about the day the Pasapalabra boat is delivered.

Thus, only three days remain: Wednesday 15 March, Thursday 16 March or Friday 17 March. According to most of the tweeters following the contest, Antena 3 is reserved to deliver it on Friday and thus, take advantage of the viewership pull throughout the week.

However, this does not tally with the information released by other tweeters claiming to be in the know. who is the winner of pasapalbara, According to these internet users, they have the scoop in their hands, thanks to a few people who were in the audience on set the day the Pasapalbra boat was delivered.

always according to their versions, Barbara Ray was one of the guests of the competition when they get the award. On Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16, the cast will be on the set of Paspalbra, as other guests arrive on Friday. In such a situation, if the information is correct, then the Pasapalbra boat will be given on Wednesday or Thursday.

An exposé tweet deleted by Antena 3

But An antenna 3 error on social networks The final clue may have been found since the television network published this week a tweet in which he accidentally disclosed Time left to deliver the Pasapalabra boat. Taking into account when they published it, you only need to take into account to know on which day the award will be given, as some people have exposed on social networks.

Although Antena 3 took down the tweet shortly after, some internet users were able to take a picture to prove it. According to this, the publication was made on Thursday, March 14, at 8:35 pm, and it was specified that “only” two days were left to find out the winner of the historic jackpot, from “Paspalbara”, which immediately followed on Twitter. lit a fire with the final clue as to when the jackpot would be released.

If things are as they are, it is clear: Thursday is March 16 The day Antena 3 Pasapalbra will give the boat, Another thing is who will be the winner of the prize: Orestes or Rafa?

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