Pascacio López wants to see Sara Nichols and Vanessa Bauche in jail

actor Pascacio Lopez he wants to see actresses in jail Sarah Nichols already vanessa bachche for allegedly lying against him, which led to him spending 11 months in prison, for which he intends to sue both of them for perjury.

The actor, who was jailed for raping Nichols, held a press conference in which he talked about the court case.

“They are very bad people capable of anything, yes I am going to file a complaint against Sarah Nicholls, hope the investigation folder is integrated soon and hopefully arrest warrant This crime is answered and paid for with prison for false statements against him and in front of the authorities.

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What will happen to Vanessa Bouche?

When asked what legal action he would take against Vanessa Bache, he replied that she would still be prosecuted for making false statements.

“As soon as I have all the evidence, we will also proceed legally (against Vanessa), there may be a civil suit as well; Any witness who takes part in a process who says things which are not true in a judicial process is lying to the authorities and it is an offence.”

Lopez confirms he doesn’t have a problem with it NetflixSince he has worked on many projects with this company, but he indicated what unfortunately happened demanding respect and professionalism: 11 months in prison.

“Hiding behind agitational speeches to demand respect and professionalism should not be a crime, nor should it be a reason for such arbitrary incarceration.

“People love it and acts like this undermine the credibility of all the efforts women have been making with the great struggle they are leading for equal rights,” she said.

Does he forgive the damage he did by spending 11 months in jail?
Pascacio replies that he has nothing to forgive Sarah or Vanessa, he believes that life and God are the ones who make the decisions and are the ones who reward those who do no harm.

– How do you feel about Sarah?
He explained that the closure created uncertainty for him, sadness and depression blocked many things in his mind to think about things that were not going to help him.

Instagram Sarah Nichols.

“While I’m in jail, all I can think about is why, what’s going through their heads, how bad they must be to do this to me, and it hurts me more because it hurts my family.” I didn’t have the mental time or the emotional time to think about anything external to him, I used to pray to God every day to give me a lot of strength.

“I was thinking how is it possible if I am here with so many tests, how is it possible that emotional blackmail is used,” she noted, and indicated that gynecologists confirmed that such It didn’t matter. rape,

He also showed the press the messages Sara allegedly sent to Pascaccio after the act he had condemned.

Pascacio explained that prior to the scandal, he and Sarah Nichols were considering the possibility of having an affair, the idea being that Vanessa Bauche began inventing partners and he began putting the women up at a hotel, he said.

“She calls me and claims to me, it was a dare, because she believed Vanessa’s version that she was bringing women to the hotel.”


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