Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey debate provoking ‘shoot-delaying laughter’ on ‘The Last of Us’ set

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Whenever we’ve seen Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie grace our television screens over the past several Sundays, there have been fewer moments. last of us , In fact, they are breaking our hearts to a great extent. As it turns out, shooting such an emotionally charged TV show takes its toll on the actors involved.

In a “Creator to Creator” interview series hosted by Sony, the stars opened up about how they coped with the process. Turns out, it was a second distraction, which showrunner Craig Mazin described as “shoot-delayed laughter”.

Around the five-minute mark of the above clip, Pascal is exhaustively describing how he and Ramsey helped ease each other’s concerns on set, before quickly pointing the finger at her for being the primary productivity killer. helped. Ramsey quickly returns his serve before a raucous match begins.

In the end, however, the pair agree that the biggest culprit of the on-set chuckles was Anna Torv, who animated Tess in the first few episodes of the series. Pascal turns to Craig Mazin, telling him “You’re very lucky you killed Tess.” Mazin agrees, adding that he had to kill to make it through the shooting days without excessive laughter.

shooting “drama and delay” or not, last of us It turned out to be a resounding success both with critics and audiences. Its second-to-last episode broke another record for the series.

the big finale of the first season of last of us Will land on HBO Max this Sunday.

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