Pedro Pascal reveals which violent ‘Game of Thrones’ scene he fell asleep during

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pedro pascalThe beginning of the new season of ‘a busy man nowadays, overlapping two weeks exclusively the mandalorian and the last few episodes of the last of us. He’s been on the media circuit non-stop, but perhaps one of the most hotly (no pun intended) anticipated appearances is the one he made at First We Fest. The hot ones

the former game of Thrones The star appeared on a YouTube series in which celebrities give an interview while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings, and during his stint on the show, Pascal revealed that he more or less fell asleep while shooting his iconic death scene.

Already sweating about one-third of the way through the nearly 30-minute interview, Pascal recalls shooting the moment Hafór Július Björnsson’s character “The Mountain” cracked his skull as “the best part of the day”. crushes as.

He talks about how on a very hot shooting day the cold, fake blood dripping from tubes attached to Björnsson’s arms, on top of the fleshy prosthetic gore on his face, managed to lull him into a deep sleep. Stayed. The star then reflected on how she’s generally not a great sleeper and what exactly makes her go through it:

“It was very laxative and I fell into the deepest sleep. [covered] With chunks of flesh, gelatinous, cold to the touch “face flesh,” and pooling blood and maybe I’ll get a good night’s sleep.

It’s not the first time Pascal has been open about his troubles with sleep, having revealed in a previous interview on The Tonight Show that he forgot about the conversation. last of us Now showrunners about landing the role of Joel on the hit series after taking a sleeping pill.

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