Penelope Menchaca Launches Exclusive Content on Instagram, How Much Does the Host Charge?

penelope menchaca placed as one of the drivers favorite of show business, and one of the first Launch Exclusive Content Through InstagramA platform in which he connects millions of fans, whom he has invited to subscribe starting this weekend so that they can get the benefits of being a VIPHowever, many wonder How much do you charge,

menchaca She was already recognized for her work on the small screen, but this “smile come onThe program that brought her closer to the public in Mexico, however, in July 2022 she left the morning show to travel to Europe, where she was the host of a program with which she continued to win her fans, until her death. Not recently returned to USA, Well, she is now part of the cast of “Today“, Telemundo Morning.

How much does Penelope Menchaca charge for her exclusive content?

Driver She has established herself as one of the great personalities of entertainment, due to which she has added a huge number of followers on social networks; In Instagram while i have 1.5 million fans Facebook Over a Million Fans Who Can Be Your Subscribers Now exclusive contentWho promises to reveal more than what he would normally share.

Penelope launches with exclusive content. Photo: IG @ menchaca.oficial

“Happy weekend! … Have you already entered my Instagram profile to subscribe to see exclusive content only for subscribers? Video: @sergiotorressa” and “This and much more in my exclusive content can be seen on. (Good guy taste, what do they know, what do they know) in addition to chatting directly with me … who’s already subscribed?”, were the phrases with which menchaca He invited his fans to become subscribers.

The presenter, who began her career with her sisters Soraya and Vanessa in the musical group “Las Ninas”, conquers with each publication that she lets us see InstagramAnd now it will host sessions only for subscribers, a new service on the Meta platform through which the host Fee 469 pesos a monthwhich includes exclusive photosSubscriber badges, chat with the artist and more.

Now it has special content. Photo: IG @ menchaca.oficial

In 2019, the host surprised millions of her fans by announcing that she was joining the morning show “Venga la Alegría” on TV Azteca, in which she headlined until 2020 when she replaced Carmen Muñoz as “Enamordanos”. left the program to host. He later traveled to Europe to become the presenter of a show called “El Poder del Amor”, in which he won over with his charisma and revealing style.

menchaca54, has also been held up as a fashion benchmark for women who, like her, are considered mature but want to continue to show off their figures in dresses that stand out for their clear necklines, their silhouettes Or fit their size, with which they acquire. All eyes and show that age does not hold back with fashion and bubbly style.

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