People Are Just Realizing They’ve Been Using The Tape Measure Wrong Their Whole Lives

People are only realizing they’ve lived their whole lives without knowing how to use a tape measure properly after a trader uploaded the ‘best TikTok’

People want them to learn it quicker (stock image),Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A tape measure, or measuring tape, is a staple of any DIY project, so it’s always handy so you can measure distances or sizes for any project.

Although many of us are well-acquainted with this tool, it turns out we’ve been using it wrong our whole lives.

Recently, Keen Ramps, a skate boarding ramp maker, uploaded a video with “Four Things You Didn’t Know About Your Tape Measure”.

Corey Keane, a skateboarding enthusiast who has a master’s degree in city and regional planning, explained earlier: “There’s a number on the back or side of your tape measure. In this case it’s three and a half inches, which is how big it really is.” Tape is the solution.”

Anyone who has tried to measure anything, like how high a wall is, will know that the bit you grab onto can sometimes get in the way. When you get to the floor you can fold your tape measure to get an approximate measurement – but you don’t need to.

Corey explained: “You’re able to pull on the top and then use your measuring tape’s dimensions,” adding that to the rest of the measurements.

Second, as Corey pointed out, there is a hole in the end of your tape measure that actually serves a purpose – hooking it onto a nail or screw.

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